The one simple reason your home might not sell

The one simple reason your home might not sell

published on April 18, 2017 by The Rains Team


Believe it or not there might be ONE simple reason your home doesn't sell when it hits the market. In Georgia we have TWO mls (multiple listing services) systems. Multiple listing services are websites that agents put properties into that allow other agents to find home for buyers. It's kind of like Zillow, only with accurate information, up to date listings and more properties.

The issue is some agents only put properties into one mls and not both. Why you ask? We have no idea. Not putting a property into both MLS systems can keep upwards of 250,000-425,000 visitors from seeing your home. The numbers grow even greater when we talk about listing syndication (where properties push to other websites).

If you're thinking about selling your home PLEASE make sure your property is in both MLS systems. There is no excuse, both MLS's provide hundreds of thousands of marketing eyeballs to help sell your home.


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