Supporting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is our "Big Why"

Supporting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is our "Big Why"

published on February 9, 2016 by The Rains Team

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is a great organization and one we believe in strongly. So much so that we donate a percentage of every listing we sell to the cause of helping sick children get better.

Everyone on the Rains Team has children and as you can imagine we love them more than anything. Knowing there are local children, who need help, keeps us motivated and knowing we can contribute financially to help this organization prosper keeps us listing and selling homes.

At the end of every year we pull together all of the homes we have listed and sold, then figure out a financial sum we can donate to Children's. This is truly an exciting time for our team, we get to revisit all the families we helped sell and also celebrate and give to a charity that is close to all of our hearts.

In 2014, only 4 months into this new vision for giving, we were able to give $3,000 to Children's Healthcare. This was a huge accomplishment for our team and was the highlight of our 2014 season.

Matt & Anne Rains at the 2014 Friends Junior Committee "ugly sweater" event to support Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

In 2015 we donated over $10,000 to Children's Healthcare, an over 325% increase from the previous year. Not only will we have the honor to donate $10,000 to this charity but we will also be the presenting sponsor for the 2016 Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Fin Fest. This event gives guests the opportunity to have a private viewing experience at the Georgia Aquarium with activities that include full access to aquarium exhibits, live entertainment and a catered picnic dinner along with several other fun activities for kids and adults. All proceeds from this benefit will go to the Marcus Autism Center.




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