Questions to ask an agent before selling your home

Questions to ask an agent before selling your home

published on April 14, 2017 by The Rains Team

We get asked a lot what questions people ask us before selling their home and we wanted to put together a quick list of the best questions to ask an agent before you sell.

1. How many homes do you sell per year? List with a real estate team that has a proven track record and works in the business full time. A full time real estate team provides great communication, proven marketing and can sell your home faster with a higher net return.

2. How many MLS (multiple listing services) are you putting my property in? The reason this question is important is because in Georgia we have 2 MLS systems. FMLS and GeorgiaMLS, sometimes you'll come across a sales person that chooses not to list your home in both MLS services to same them money. This is not in your best interest and without BOTH mls systems you could miss out on thousands of buyers and consumers. and

3. How much do you invest in selling my home? Your real estate team should invest a substantial amount into your marketing campaign with professional photos, done video, Facebook ads, Google ads, postcards and more. The goal is to spend the money required to get your home in front of as many people as possible.

4. How much does it cost me up-front to sell my home. If the answer is anything but ZERO, call us. We don't charge anything to list your home unless we sell it. If for some reason your house doesn't sell, you don't spend a dime. We are so confident that we will sell your home that we do all the financial investing on the front end because we know we will make it back in the end.

5. Do you have a marketing plan for my home? Your real estate team should have a well written marketing plan that can be executed at a high level to expose your home to the highest number of potential buyers. If you don't have a marketing plan, you can't sell a home appropriately.

These are simply 5 great questions that will tell you if you're interviewing the right team to sell your home.

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