Guaranteed Sale Program. What is it and why should you stay away?

Guaranteed Sale Program. What is it and why should you stay away?

published on April 14, 2017 by The Rains Team

The guaranteed home sale program is in fact one of the biggest gimmicks in the real estate industry! It really should be named I will sell your home under value guaranteed.

This gimmick is actually used to simply get the sales person into your home for an appointment. At no time do they actually think they are going to buy your home, in fact, if you ever speak with one of these sales people you should ask them how many homes they have had to purchase. The answer will always be "0".

Once the sales person gets into your home through marketing around "buying your home if it doesn't sell" or "selling your home for free if it doesn't sell" they will quickly try and talk you out of the program.

The key points to the program are having you pay for an appraisal and then marketing your home for sale 20%-30% UNDER that appraised value. On top of that they might tell you that you will need to have a home inspection done  and pay for all the repairs on the inspection. We have even seen verbiage that if you deny ANY showings requested that it terminates the Guaranteed Sale program.

As you can see this is simply a marketing gimmick to get in the door. My question is why work with a person or company that uses gimmicks to try and sell your home? 

The Rains Team prides itself if true honest marketing to get your home sold. We use advanced marketing systems to expose your home for over 40,000 people in the first 30 days. These marketing methods leads to short listing times, high net profits for the seller and a smooth selling experience.

If you're interested in selling your home without all the gimmicks give us a call at 404-620-4571 x1 .


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