Don't BUY a house without watching this video first

Don't BUY a house without watching this video first

published on April 14, 2017 by The Rains Team

Are you thinking of buying a home? We have people often tell us they don't want to use an agent to buy a home because they can save a little money. Sometimes it may feel this way on the front end of the purchase but you soon realize that not having an advocate working for you is going to cost you MUCH more in the long run.

Often times buyers will choose to purchase a home without buyer representation only to call us back within a few months begging for help with issues like radon, drainage, overpaying, underperformance from the builder etc. Buying a home, especially new construction can be a very dangerous process without a real estate agent to be an advocate on your behalf.

When you walk into a new homes office or model home the agent on site will make you feel very welcome, as they should. What they don't fully disclose to you at the time is they are working directly for the builder and you are simply a customer. Because of this relationship your best interests are not top of mind for the builders agent. It's like going to court and the other persons attorney telling you they'll "do you right" as long as you don't hire your own attorney. That should throw up a red flag.

Most of these buyers don't even realize the trouble they're in yet because they haven't gotten to the point to sell their home. It's surprising how many people think that new home prices aren't negotiable and because of that often over pay. This over payments isn't seen until it comes time to sell and they find out that they're stuck in their home.

I guarantee you it's of your best interest to have an advocate/real estate agent on your side when you purchase any type of home. We have seen too many instances of buyers either being taken advantage of or signing documents they don't understand because they didn't have anyone fighting for them.

If you're thinking about buying a home, give us a call. We have buyers agents ready to fight for you and extremely experienced in the buying process.



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